The journey has been a simmering intention since at least 2008 while preparing for and carrying out a journey to Africa with Skylar, an overloaded 2005 DL 650. Only in the last couple of years in Santa Fe it's been an active goal for which I saved and prepared. Ellie is a 2008 Suzuki DR 650 that I rescued from Craigslist still in her infancy in 2010 with only 700 miles of experience. From then she's been transformed with lots of love and orders from the web (mostly from Drummond and Karl at Procycle) into the one of the most confident, strong, and unique vehicles to traverse multiple continents. I've chosen Ellie as a important tool and friend for her dependability, modular capabilities, and patient determination. Characteristics I respect and trust in any partner but especially one for such an endeavor. She spits and burbles confidently to life every morning rain or shine and is plenty eager and poised on any road with the exception of multilane interstate highways or the most decrepit washed out mountain tracks. We both seem most content when free in the wilderness stopping methodically and patiently. Largely we stick to bouncy two or three digit rural highways and dirt shortcuts packed with scenic distractions and secluded campsites. We'll venture into more built up areas to resupply and connect preferably with good friends but sometimes just a screen. I'll be sharing and listening with the best quality and intent I can. I look forward to the friends I've yet to make and connections that will grow and develop along the way. Those of you that try to rush us will be frustrated I'm afraid. I look forward to seeing you!

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The most current plan will be in Red, already done for now in Blue, travel without the motorcycle in Green.

Ellie at home in the Redwoods of Northern California